QNAP TS-419P II Review

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The packaging of the NAS is huge and sturdy. On the front side we find a face shot of the NAS with the LCD screen activated. Right above that we find a brief features list and three badges that describe the 2.0GHz Marvell CPU used and the 512MB of RAM along with the eco-friendly energy consumption and the 2.5"/3.5" disk support.

On the rear side of the box QNAP has placed nice icons shows the most noteworthy functions of the NAS, that will make it highly desired to most users/administrators out there.

On the two remaining sides of the box we find the list of hardware and software features along with a description of the buttons, LED indicators and I/O ports of the front and rear side of TS-419P II. There is also a graph showing the power consumption of the NAS compared to a PC server playing similar role. According to QNAP the difference in power consumption is huge in favor of their product of course.

Contents & Bundle

Once we opened the box a welcome message greeted us, providing also several useful links. In a small carton box the power adapter is stored and under it the NAS is surrounded by two really thick pieces of packing foam. The protection inside the packaging is top notch and the device will reach your hands in perfect condition. Also for further protection against scratches the TS-419P II is wrapped in a heavy duty plastic bag. The rest of the bundle includes two bags of screws, two CAT 5e cables, a user's manual and a software CD including QNAP's applications.

The bundle also included a notice of free firmware updates. Apparently QNAP wanted to be sure that the future buyers would be aware of the free firmware upgrades.
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