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QNAP TS-569 Pro Specifications
Processor Intel Atom 2.13 GHz Dual-core Processor
Operating SystemEmbedded Linux
Memory1 GB RAM (Expandable RAM, up to 3 GB)
Storage5x 3.5"/2.5" SATA III
RAID Levels:Single Disk, JBOD,
RAID 0, 1, 5,
5 + Hot Spare, 6, 6 + Hot Spare, 10, 10 + Hot Spare
Capacityup to 20 TB (disks not included)
*Official HDD compatibility list
iSCSITarget & Initiator
Networking2x 10/100/1000 Mbit Ethernet
Additional Connectors2x USB 3.0, 5x USB 2.0, 2x eSATA
Dimensions 185(H) x 210.6(W) x 235.4(D) mm
7.28(H) x 8.29(W) x 9.27(D) inch
Weight (Net) 5.1 kg
Sound Level (dB)HDD sleep: 14.7 dB**
In operation: 21.43 dB** (with 5x 500GB HDD installed)
Power ConsumptionSleep: 29.1 W
In operation: 48.5 W (with 5x 500GB HDD installed)
Power Supply Input: 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz, Output: 250W
Fan 1x 120 mm Double Ball-Bearing Fan (FD121225LB)
Warranty2 years
Price excluding VAT
(at time of review)

The NAS, like all the other QNAP TS-x69 Pro models, is powered by a dual core Intel Atom processor which is powerful enough to support all the features while consuming very little power, something essential to a NAS server that will most likely operate 24/7. The operating system is a custom-tailored Linux distribution developed by QNAP and fits the hardware of this device like a glove. QNAP also provides frequent updates as a means to fix any problems that may arise, or to offer new features.

The TS-569 Pro can take up to five HDDs, which gives it a maximum storage capacity of 20TB if 4TB HDDs are used. It is compatible with the SATA III protocol and supports all popular RAID levels. We should note that you should take a good look at QNAP's officialHDD compatibility list before you proceed to purchase HDDs for the NAS.

Two gigabit Ethernet ports equip the NAS and support LACP (Link Aggregation Control Protocol). They can, as such, work in parallel, which offers significantly higher data transfer speeds, but your Ethernet switch must be compatible with the aforementioned protocol in order to take full advantage of it.

The NAS has seven USB ports. Two of them are compatible with the USB 3.0 protocol. Unfortunately, both of the fast USB ports are installed on the rear side of the NAS, and the single front port is USB 2.0. There are also two eSATA connectors; they offer much higher speeds than the USB 2.0 ports.

The NAS is pretty compact for a unit that can accommodate up to five 3.5" HDDs, and its weight barely exceeds five kilos. Its small footprint surely is a great asset, allowing you to install it into even a small rack.

According to QNAP, the TS-569 Pro is dead silent, only putting out 21.43 dBA with five HDDs installed. They unfortunately do not provide any information on the conditions of these measurements. Its power consumption is very low—QNAP speaks of 48.5 W during operation and of 29.1 W in sleep mode. This specific NAS is also ErP Lot 6 compliant, and our tests will reveal whether it is compliant with the newest 2013 directive that is currently in effect.

The warranty of this unit is quite short considering its huge price tag, and we think that QNAP should increase it to at least three years. Nonetheless, as we already mentioned in previous reviews, a NAS of this category (and others) will most likely operate around the clock, which makes two years of its operational time the equivalent of four to five years if compared to various PC components (e.g. PSU or mainboard).
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