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QNAP TS-569 Pro Review

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The NAS comes in a big, quite heavy package that is sturdy enough to provide sufficient protection. The middle of the front has a photograph of the NAS in action, with the LCD display lit. Above it are the model description, highlighted against a blue background, and a list of its most significant features is in the top-right corner.

The top of the box holds QNAP's oversized logo, and the bottom-left corner has the model description along with a small photo of the NAS server's front side.

The rear side has a huge amount of information about the NAS and its features. There are also some nice illustrations that intuitively depict the server's capabilities and its roles in a business environment/network.

This side holds a brief multilingual features description, and a highly useful description of the NAS server's front- and rear sides.

Contents & Bundle

A quick set-up guide and welcome message greet you once you open the top flap. The LCD screen is not, as you will find out, a cosmetic item; it actually allows you to select and execute the RAID configuration of your choice, check the IP address, on volumes or disks of the NAS, and perform a reboot or shut down.

Two thick pieces of packing foam hold the NAS in place while also protecting it well. A plastic bag does, on top of the packing foam, provide extra protection against scratches. These protective measures are, all in all, worthy of the TS-569 Pro's high price tag.

The bundle includes an AC power cord, two bags with screws for the mounting of the HDDs into the trays/caddies, two network cables (CAT 5e), a software CD including QNAP's applications, a user's manual, and, finally, a card that informs the user about the free firmware updates that QNAP provides for this product—one of the most crucial advantages of these products. You may pay a high price to get them but you enjoy really good support, and frequent firmware upgrades solve all (or at least most) reported problems.
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