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QNAP TS-859 Pro Review

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QNAP ships the TS-859 in a white cardboard box with a plastic grip on top for easy transportation. Having worked as a Teamlead for Xbox 360 promotion and witnessing the resulting horror and destruction when a customer bought the console just to have the strip break after a few meters and the whole package dropping to the ground, I am a bit worried about this one. An Xbox with all the contents weighs less than the TS-859 Pro, so I was rather cautious when handling the packaging - especially as QNAP provided us with a fully loaded unit with 8 hard drives. Take care when carrying this little monster home or to the office. In front you have an angled shot of the NAS itself, while the rear goes into great detail, trying to convey its major functions on the limited space provided. Both sides of the carboard go into greater detail but purely in text form.

As you can imagine the unit is extremely well protected, with thick foam spacers and a heavy duty plastic bag. So even if you happen to bump it around, there is more than enough protection.


You will receive a quick start guide, a notice of free firmware updates and a CD packed with all the QNAP applications, along with a digital user manual in multiple languages. QNAP also includes two network cables capable of 1000 Mbit/s, a localized power cord, a bag of screws for hard drive installation and a pair of keys to lock the drives into place.
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