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I have tested this mat in two First-person-shooter games, namely Battlefield2 and CS:S. The testing was performed at low sensitivity and medium sensitivity which I normally use. It took me a while to get used to the mat after having used the Razer Mantis Speed for a long time. Compared to the Razer Mantis it's a lot smaller and therefore I had to get familiarized with the size of the mat. The mat was very precise both at low sensitivity and medium sensitivity. One thing that surprised me was how exact you could make turns on this mat because the surface is a bit more like a hard plastic mat.

The sad thing about this mat is that even though it is very precise it slides around on your desk while gaming. This is due to the way the bottom is made and the weight of the mat, it simply is too light to stay in place. The problem with sliding is a pain in the a%¤ while playing with a low sensitivity because you move the mouse a lot and therefore the mat moves several inches in one CS:S round. The sliding problem is solved with the 4mm version because it weighs more. What you could also do is use some double-sided sticky tape to fix the mat in place.


In Photoshop you are able to manipulate forms and such very precisely. While editing graphics and such the mat doesn't slip around on your desk as much as when gaming. This is probably because you move the mouse a bit slower when you manipulate photos than while you play FPS games.
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