QPAD EC-R Review

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The QPAD EC-R is a medium sized hard pad measuring in at 35 cm width and 25.5 cm length.

It's roughly the same size as the Func F30.R medium and a little bigger than the surface 1030 archetype. The big orange mat is an Everglide Titan Fnatic edition, which is absolutely huge.

I think the size is adequate for most low-sensitivity gamers but if you play with an extreme low-sensitivity you should probably consider something bigger.


The mat feels quite sturdy and I think that it's just as durable as any other hard mousemat.There is only one thing that I can point my finger to and that is the base, the sprayed rubber solution performs really well and provides excellent grip on any surface but it ain't that durable.

A little funny thing I noticed during the week where I conducted my tests was that this mat will use up your teflon mousefeet. I've been using this mat for a little over a week and I have all most worn down a set of QPAD Glidz. The surface is of course only part of the problem, the other is my style of play.
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