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QPAD MK-85 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

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Gaming performance is definitely the Cherry MX Red key's strong suit. The lower activation force means that you get very little fatigue compared to its linear sibling the MX Blacks. Compared to gaming on a keyboard featuring the MX Brown keys the difference is minimal, but if you absolutely have to have keys with linear resistance the Cherry MX Reds are the way to go. Even for prolonged gaming sessions the QPAD MK-85 is very comfortable and the normal keyboard layout means that it is very easy to get used to. Another bonus on the MK-85 is the fact that you can easily disable the Windows-keys which eliminates accidental tab outs while gaming.

The new features introduced with the driver suite make a lot of sense for MMORPG players and people who rely on macro use in FPS games. The implementation is pretty regular and gives you enough options for it to be a useful.

Since the Red key mechanisms are linear it is easy to double tap. The lesser actuation force takes some getting used to, but the key mechanisms are perfectly consistent so it is just a matter of practice. If you are coming from an MX Black equipped keyboard the transition should be pretty easy.

QPAD's implementation of 64 key n-key roll over makes it extremely unlikely that you will ever get close to maxing out simultaneous key presses.


Typing performance of Cherry MX Red based keyboards is alright although nothing special. The low actuation force, and 2 mm to the actuation point, means that there is a tendency to make more errors and accidental key presses. After using the QPAD MK-85 for a week or so coming from a keyboard using Cherry MX Browns the amount of errors is about the same. You just have to get the keyboard under your skin.

A transition from a rubber dome keyboard will probably be pretty easy. Speed typing is not what the Cherry MX Reds are made for, but it should be noted that they are way better than any rubber dome keyboard out there for normal typing scenarios. The consistent feedback and solid feel is just miles ahead of anything using rubber domes. The optimal key mechanism depends on your style of typing, some people will love undoubtedly love the Red for their low actuation force and linearity while some will miss the resistance of the Blacks. The Reds feel like a linear version of the Cherry MX Browns, so if you are just looking for a keyboard for typing and light gaming you should consider getting a keyboard fitted with the Cherry MX Browns instead, because of their added bump near the actuation point which is also 2 mm from the top.

For typing the Brown and Blues are a bit better. The Cherry MX Blacks are simply too hard in order to be really good for typing, but that depends on your preferences.
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