QPAD QH-90 Gaming Headset 7

QPAD QH-90 Gaming Headset

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The Package

QPAD definitely thinks they are onto something with their new headsets since they ship in a box espousing that QPAD brings HiFi to the game! The box is huge and sturdy and is, not surprisingly, filled to the rim.

It is hard to ask for more to be included in the bundle. The QH-90s ship with all sorts of extras, including a padded carrying pouch.

The control box is very light and feels a bit flimsy, but it works alright.

Bundling a LAN-party headset with a padded pouch is always a good idea! QPAD's attention to detail is quite amazing when it comes to the bundle.

Closer Examination

QPAD really nailed the design with the QH-90s. The headset looks equally good with or without the microphone attached. These actually look so good that one could consider wearing them in public!

The headband is well-padded and has a pleather cover with an embroidered QPAD logo.

The pads are very well-made. They are, like the headband, out of pleather; thick enough for your ears never to touch the insides of the cups, which is great.

One could argue that the connection for the cable from the control box to the headphones should be changed to a TRRS mini-jack to allow for the headset to be used directly with your smartphone. The double mini-jack solution is alright as well, but it is a bit bulky.

QPAD went with a simple boom-design for the microphone, which works flawlessly. The sound quality is more than OK for VOIP.

The headset is mostly made out of high-quality plastic but includes some metal parts. The adjustment mechanism works well, allowing for the ear cups to align perfectly with your skull. Takstar appears to be the OEM behind this great headset, and the resemblance to their newest generation of closed-back headphones is staggering, both in terms of performance and looks. Takstar is known to produce some of the best budget headphones around, and QPAD has, amazingly, managed to keep the price at just €99 while adding a great number of new gadgets and design tweaks to the mix.

QPAD went with what looks to be a Takstar headphone design that uses their brilliant-sounding, huge 53 mm diameter dynamic driver. That, coupled with a well designed and dampened housing, makes this headset sound extremely good. The resemblance to the Takstar Monitor PRO 80 is striking.
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