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Since this mat is intended for gaming I decided to test it for several things. Precision, Control, Speed, Size.
First of all the surface of this mat is simply the best I have ever tried. The exactness really amazed me even when turning my mouse all the way up to 2000 dpi. My G5 was clearly at home with this mat, not even the Razer Mantis or SteelPad 5L managed to be precise at 2000 dpi. Since the Logitech G5 uses the same Laser sensor as the Razer Copperhead Í see no reason why performance with the Copperhead should be any different.
So the XT-Rs precision is simply amazing!

The pictures show the Carbytek surface of the QPAD XT-R.

Control achieved with the Carbytek surface was great. The friction was the same all over the mat.

When it comes to speed the XT-R won't let you down, it is simply the fastest mat I have ever tried, and I have tried a lot. This mat is even faster than SteelPad 5L, Razer Mantis, fUnc 1030. So if you want the fastest mat out there look no further than the QPAD XT-R.

I can only think of one negative thing to say about performance that this mat provides and that is the size, it is too small if you use low to medium sensitivity in first person shooter games. It should be at least 5-7cm wider and a good 5cm higher in order to be the perfect mat for low/medium sensitivity gamers. I play a lot of Battlefield 2 and I found the mat's size simply inadequate while using low/medium sensitivity. I tried playing with medium to high sensitivity and that helped a bit, but it is hard getting used to a small mat when you are used to playing with Razer Mantis sized mats.

QPAD XT-R & Competition

Here is a little comparison to the other gaming mats on the market.

1. QPAD XT-R, 2. Razer Mantis, 3. SteelPad 5L, 4. QPAD Lowsens(Old version).
1. Razer Mantis, 2. QPAD XT-R, 3. SteelPad 5L, 4. QPAD Lowsens(Old version).
1. QPAD XT-R(Way ahead of competion), 2. Razer Mantis, 3. SteelPad 5L, 4. Qpad Lowsens(Old version).
1. Razer Mantis, 2. QPAD Loesens(Old version), 3. SteelPad 5L, 4. QPAD XT-R.

Just look at the notice able difference in size.

Left picture, QPAD XT-R is about the same height as the SteelPad 5L. Right picture, shows the limited space to work on.
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