RHA MA350 In-ears 3

RHA MA350 In-ears

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Value and Conclusion

  • The RHA MA350s sell for $39.99 online at Amazon.com!
  • Great bass and sub bass for the price
  • Midrange sufficiently detailed
  • Good build quality
  • Durable cable
  • Good bundle
  • Nice tips
  • Good price
  • Above average comfort
  • Small and durable jack
  • Tonality geared for bass heads
  • Treble performance not that great
  • Braided cable means lots of microphonic noise
  • The ear pieces are quite large
Bassheads on a budget and in need of a set of durable in-ears - look no further. The RHA MA350s are perfectly equipped to deliver a lot of bass and sub bass. Compared to other cheaper in-ears, they deliver the bass and sub bass without sacrificing too much midrange detail, which is really nice. The bass is really powerful and definitely makes for a good experience with hip-hop, R&B, and electronic music in general.
Durability-wise, the RHA MA350s are ahead of many competitors. Their durability is directly comparable to that of the much more expensive HiFiMAN RE-400s we recently had a look at. This is quite an important aspect for an everyday set of in-ears to be used on the go and the MA350s perform very well in that regard. It does, however, come at a cost: the cable is very microphonic, which can be a bit of a nuisance while walking or just moving around, but it is not substantially worse than what you get with other mid-end earphones sporting slightly stiff cables.
One of the things that surprised me a bit was how well these in-ears fit despite their bulky exterior. The trumpet-like shape extends beyond the parts where it could cause rubbing and discomfort, which is really neat. The tips are also of a quality which we are not used to seeing on sub $80 in-ears. These are like tires for a car - you could have the world's most powerful car, but it would not make much sense with $10 tires.
For rock and other music with a lot of detail in the midrange, there are better options out there, but they are more expensive - like the HiFiMAN RE-0s currently retailing at $49. If you listen to a lot of different genres and like a lot of bass, the MA350s still have a small edge. Their tonality is more mainstream than that of the RE-series from HiFiMAN, and although they are geared towards bass, they maintain a good amount of midrange detail.
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