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ROCCAT Alumic Mouse Pad Review

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The Package

ROCCAT's Alumic mouse mat ships in a plastic case which provides some protection while allowing you to feel the surface.

The bundle shipped with this €40 mouse mat is quite small. All you get is a well-made wrist rest. There are no mouse skates or a protective sleeve included in the bundle which is a shame.

Closer Examination

The control side of the mat features a very colorful ROCCAT-logo whereas the speed side is equipped with a slightly less dominant logo. The speed side is definitely the most stylish one. The fact that ROCCAT have developed a double sided aluminum mouse mat is great, now there is one more option besides fUnc pads. The surface textures are rougher than what we have seen on the smooth fUnc pads, but still finely textured compared to most plastic mats.

The speed side has a noticeably rougher surface than the control side. The feedback from the surfaces is slightly higher than with the more ordinary all plastic hard mats. This is probably due to the core being stiffer than normal. Control on both sides of the mouse mat was above average and the glide was consistent.

ROCCAT's way of trimming the edges is very effective and the Alumic mat is very pleasant to use even for extended periods of time. The thickness of only 3 mm is nice. The only small issue with the construction is related to the rubber stands which are roughly twice as high as the mat itself. If you are going near the very edges of the mat you will feel them digging into your wrist.

That ROCCAT is very fond of their cat logo is nothing new, but maybe they should consider dialing it back a bit so that the more mature audience can enjoy them as well. The surface is very attractive; the graphics, not so much!

A love / hate relationship in the making. The rubber stands provide excellent grip on all surfaces eliminating mouse mat movement even while gaming, however, the stands do get in the way sometimes when you are nearing the edges of the mat with the mouse. Whether this will pose an issue depends heavily on your style of gaming and sensitivity used. For someone using a medium to high sensitivity this will probably never pose an issue.

The difference between the control and speed surface is quite pronounced with the Alumic. Both surfaces are amongst the best in class, so in essence you are getting two mats for the price of one. The control side is not quite as smooth as that of the ModMyMachine aluminum pad, but definitely smoother than the likes of SteelSeries 9HD/4HD/S&S and so on. It has a different feel to it than the smooth surfaces from fUnc pads, but similar consistent glide characteristics.
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