ROCCAT Kone[+] Laser Gaming Mouse 9

ROCCAT Kone[+] Laser Gaming Mouse

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This driver suite is incredibly well engineered. All of the features are bundled up in a logical manner and the driver suite is easy to navigate through, even though it includes a hefty amount of features. ROCCAT has an EasyShift feature which is basically a button that allows you to switch the functions for the rest of the buttons on the mouse, effectively doubling the amount of assignable buttons. This feature is useable if you can get your head around two finger mouse operations. Also included is a relatively new feature called EasyAim which is basically a DPI drop-function that can be assigned to any button on the mouse. Most games today have separate sensitivity for snipers, vehicle mounted weapons and so on, but for older titles without this, it is a neat feature. The driver also allows you to control and calibrate the sensor, this particular feature is available for pretty much all mice on the ADNS-9500 sensor, and does help you to customize the performance of the mouse.

We noticed that with the distance control set to low would cause erratic tracking on some mats, even on ROCCAT's own Alumic mouse mat you could run into issues if the colors are light or metallic. If you are experiencing issues try turning the feature off or setting it to normal. The same thing goes for the TDCU system.

As if creating a huge driver suite is not enough ROCCAT have also included a lot of different pre-programmed macros for all the newest titles.
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