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The pad was tested with laser and optical mice. While some may still use an old fashion mouse ball, it will certainly not be in a gaming environment where mice and mouse pads have become an important asset. The following mice were used to test the Rantopad Mammoth:
  • Logitech MX Revolution,
  • Sharkoon Rush Laser Mouse
  • Logitech MX518
The Logitech MX Revolution is one of the most advanced mice out there, but is not necessarily considered a gaming mouse. The Sharkoon Rush Laser Mouse on the other hand is geared toward gamers and offers a variable DPI setting between 400 and 2000 DPI. The Logitech MX518 is one of the most successful optical gaming mice and is still commonly used today as the weapon of choice.

As mentioned before the mouse pad does feel somewhat rough. But any mouse placed on the surface moved quite nicely. After I have personally used plastic pads for a long time, starting with the first Radpadz, this one is by far the best when it comes to mouse movement. All three mice did not have any problems on the mouse pad. The surface features a very randomized surface with different depths and sizes to make the pad a bit rough. This means that it will most likely not wear and become smooth as fast as pads which use equal round bumps to achieve a grade of roughness.


The Rantopad Mammoth is of traditional size, which is much better for my type of gaming. I am a high sensitivity gamer, which means that small mouse movement will yield large movement on the screen. It may not be that great for low sensitivity gamers, but there are not a lot of large plastic pads out there as they are simply too fragile when so large, while not offering very good transportability for LAN parties.


The thickness or thinness of the Rantopad is simply said: perfect. It is a mere 1.5 mm thick which is much thinner than most plastic pads and the majority of cloth pads out there. This means there is no noticeable rise on the table, making gaming even more comfortable.


The Rantopad Mammoth is made out of plastic, which makes it long lasting. The problem with plastic pads is dust. Every bigger grain can be felt on such pads. There are some, which collect dust faster than others, due to the surface. Mouse pads which have smooth surface which is then made "rough" by placing small round little points on the pad, tend to collect more dust, as it offers more areas where it will not be disturbed and can settle. Pads which offer groves and pits with rather pointy and different depths at different points tend to collect less dust. The Rantopad Mammoth features the pattern kind of surface.
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