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Razer Abyssus

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Like all other Razer products the Abyssus arrived in a flashy box that protects the contents very well.

You get a lot of stuff, but no driver CD! So you need to go online to get it.

Closer Examination

The Abyssus is just the second ambidextrous design to leave Razer's lab in the last year or so. Because of this both left and right handed gamers will feel right at home with this design. One issue though is that it has no side buttons what-so-ever! so those of us who are used to having functions assigned on the mouse will be left wanting more. Also in Windows it is a bit of a pain not having the usual backward and forward buttons.

Not exactly on-the-fly as we are used to, but the Abyssus does offer the user DPI and frequency alterations you just have to flip it.

Instead of the usual driver implemented DPI and Hz switch the Abyssus has actual toggle switches on the bottom. Polling rate wise you only get two options, namely 125 Hz and 1000 Hz. With regards to DPI you get three choices from 450 DPI through 1800 DPI to the maximum of 3500 DPI.

The mouse feet use are of a very high quality. The glide is impeccable on just about all surfaces available.
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