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Razer Barracuda HP-1 Review

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The design of the headset is rather unique because of the headband. One of the things that makes the headset comfortable is the way the headband is adjusted. The headband is suspended rather than being fixed, meaning that you can adjust the headband with very small intervals making it easy to fit and therefore comfortable to wear. The construction of the headset is very light and feels quite sturdy. Although the build quality is good I’m still skeptical about is the plastic tubes that hold the headset together, they don't seem as sturdy as the rest of the headset.

The headset features a lot of blue lights, enough to satisfy any modder or showoff gamer, this can be turned off on the cord-controller if you ain't fond of your headset glowing in the dark.

One of the things that shocked me was just how big the cord-controller is. It's absolutely huge. This is of course due to the fact that it also houses 8 amplifiers for the 8 audio drives, but still it's absolutely huge.

As you can see from the picture above, the cord-controller is anything but small. The big knob on the top is the main volume control, it's nice and big making it easy and fast to adjust the volume when playing or listening to music.

One of the things that upset me a bit was that there were no microphone controls on the cord-controller, that is a bit annoying if you like me use voice activation on Ventrilo or Teamspeak.

Now the microphone is actually quite good. But because it's unidirectional it picks up a lot of background noise, this can be a problem if you are at a LAN with a lot of noise. I have tried to compare the sound quality that the microphone can produce and I think that it is a bit inferior to that of the SteelSound 5H v2, which of course has a microphone with directional pickup pattern.

The microphone isn't directional and that makes it more versatile and less sensitive to placement which is good for everyday use because you don't have to worry about placing it exactly in front of your mouth.
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