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Razer DeathAdder

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Every aspect of the mouse feels durable, even the buttons seem sturdy. The only thing that I'm a bit worried about is the topcoat of the main buttons. It is made of an anti friction coat that has a semi soft feel to it. This will probably disappear or get scratched over time like it does on the Copperhead or Diamondback, this is only a minor thing because it doesn't hurt the general performance of the mouse.

Besides that if you compare the durability of the top coat to any other used on mice today it's just as good if not better, therefore I have decided not to include it as a con because it's something that can't be improved upon by any mouse manufacturer today.

The general build quality of the mouse seems very good, I couldn't find any real problem areas or weak points in the design.

Value & Conclusion

  • The Razer DeathAdder costs $ 59.95 at the Razer Store, you can buy it directly from Razer here Razer
  • Performance, at both low and high sensitivity
  • Price performance ratio
  • Design
  • Drivers
  • Weight
  • Ergonomics
  • Build quality
  • Nothing!
I'm really impressed with the Razer DeathAdder, the performance of it is unrivaled. The fact that it performs so well given any circumstances is very special, it is hard to find such a versatile mouse. This mouse definitely brings something new to the mouse scene, while performing excellent in both high and low sensitivity scenarios. The DeathAdder represents to me the perfect combination of form and function: a state of the art infrared sensor combined with a super ergonomic shape. Another thing that makes this mouse a bit special is the design, it looks really good compared to other gaming mice, the two tone color scheme makes it look quite stylish.
Overall this mouse is the best I have ever tried. It's simply the best mouse on the market today, outperforming the IME 3.0 at low sensitivity and the Copperhead at high sensitivity. Taken into account that it only costs $ 59.95 I think it's safe to say that this mouse delivers an unrivaled price/performance ratio even though it's a bit expensive. It's probably the best thing that has come out of Razer over the last two years, since the Diamondback.
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