Razer Green Copperhead Gaming Mouse 5

Razer Green Copperhead Gaming Mouse

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Mouse and Software

When you first take it out of the box it looks like any other mouse, but when you take a closer look below.

Above photos are the leftside, rightside, top and bottom, they tell a lot about the mouse itself. From what I have experienced it is a very comfortable mouse and I have large hands. The buttons are pretty big and allow me to easily press them down. The buttons on the side can be assigned with the software to do almost anything you want them to. From changing the DPI to going back and forth on the internet.

This picture shows the curve of the mouse from the back.

The golden USB connector does not make any difference in signal quality, it still is nice to look at.

Here is the software that is used to control the mouse and precisely tune it. In the bottom you can drag some buttons for changing the DPI and polling rate. Then you click apply and your settings are transferred to the mouse.

Here are the mouse click options. They apply to the four mini buttons on the side of the mouse.
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