Razer Green Copperhead Gaming Mouse 5

Razer Green Copperhead Gaming Mouse

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The Mouse in Action

Didn't you just see the mouse? Well now you'll see it turned on and in action!

Above, you see the Copperhead with its precision lighting. The green lighting radiates from the mouse and looks very nice in dim to dark lit rooms. In a well lit room the lights will also be visible.

Here is the side bar, which is made of a transparent plastic grip, which feels soft but not squishy.

The symbol pulses very slow and constant (click the image to see a short mpeg movie of it). It doesn’t pulse to music or DPI settings, which would be an annoyance.

I tested this mouse on white/black/yellow/brown wood, plastic, a normal mouse pad, and paper without any problems.

I really love the feel of the mouse, it's soft and ergonomically lets your hand sit on it. You don't feel any abnormalities or tiredness in your hands, even after a couple hours of use. My old mouse was an Microsoft Intellimouse, which I got in a package with the keyboard. It cost me, with the keyboard, the same price that the Copperhead costs. But I would have gotten the Copperhead instead of the Intellimouse back when I was in the market for a mouse.
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