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After giving the mouse a thorough examination I decided to plug it in and get it working with the Razer Driver Suite. The driver installation was fast and the mouse was quite easy to set up the way I like it. I decided to upgrade the firmware to the latest version 2.1, just to have it 100% up-to-date. Now this was, contrary to the installation of the drivers, quite hard. Even after following the installation instructions on Razer's homepage it failed the first time. I gave it another shot and it was a success!

The process of upgrading firmware is a bit tricky with Razer's products because you have to install a "Freescale" driver while upgrading the firmware.


The Habu's drivers a basically the same as the Copperhead's sporting all the neat features you would expect a Razer product to have.

As you can see these drivers have a lot of added functionality compared to those supplied by other manufacturers. Of course some of the features are more usable than others, but it's definitely nice to have the option to customize everything.

The advanced driver screen lets the user control the sensitivity for each axis separately, this can be useful in some games. One of the important features is also present in the advanced driver screen and that is the acceleration control. For best performance this has to be turned off (Acceleration makes the cursor accelerate when you move the mouse at a constant speed).

One of the things that set Razer's products aside from the rest of the gaming peripherals is their use of onboard memory. As you can see from the screens above, the control of the memory is integrated into the driver. It allows the user to store up to five different profiles inside the mouse which can be enabled even on a PC that hasn't got any Razer driver, just by the click of a button on the bottom of the mouse.

A little funny feature in the driver is that it allows the user to enable or disable the lights that are built into the mouse. You can control both the scroll-wheel illumination and the glow-pipe separately.
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