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Razer Orochi and Kabuto Review

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The Package

As expected both the boxes are very flashy. The Orochi mouse is well protected inside its box but the Kabuto mat is not that well protected since the box offers very little protection from being squashed. If the box looks mangled on arrival I would definitely check it out real good before breaking the seals.

The mouse comes with a lot of goodies including batteries for wireless operation. Besides that you also get a neat little pouch which is small enough to be usable on a daily basis.

Even though the Kabuto mat is relatively small it is still bigger than most generic mats available today. The Kabuto is the perfect companion for the Orochi mouse due to the fact that they are both engineered for portability. I cannot imagine using the Orochi for mobile gaming without a decent mat to go with it and the Kabuto does pretty much everything you need, except for a few things which I will discuss in the performance part of the review.

Closer Examination

The Orochi mobile gaming mouse looks really good and while it does not have as smooth an appearance as a comparable Logitech mouse it is not an eyesore either. Of course it only looks like that when used as a wireless mouse. On the right image you can see it with the cable attached. It still looks alright but there is just something about the simple look that attracts the eye.

On the backside of the mouse there are four very large Teflon feet that make it glide very nicely. The sensor is located straight in the middle which means that it handles unbiased.

One might think that Razer's dual mode is very advanced but it really is not. In order to facilitate wired operation Razer just added a micro USB connector on the mouse. It works really well and I have no problems using the mouse both with and without cable attached.

Since this mouse is intended for wireless operation as well as wired there is an on / off switch on the bottom of it. It is very anonymous looking and you pretty much have to know it is there to spot it.

The Kabuto mat is a sleek look thing. It is a black mat with black logos which means that you do notice them straight away. The thickness is only 1.2 mm which is really thin, it also means that the mat practically weighs nothing which actually poses a problem because it tends to slide around your desk while gaming.

I really like the new Razer mat design where they have very subtle art work on them as compared to the old with incredibly flashy green snake looks and whatnot.

The surface texture is really fine like that of the Mantis Speed and the more recent Goliathus mats from Razer. Since the surface is soft and fine grained the friction between mat and mouse is higher than with a hard pad.
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