Razer Megalodon USB Headset 22

Razer Megalodon USB Headset Review

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The Package

The Megalodon headset came in a large black shoebox with only a vague black on black Razer snake logo, expect the usual flashy boxart when the retail version of the Megalodon hits the streets.

Another first for Razer as far as I know is that the headset comes with a carrying case like most pro headphones. The carrying case is heavily padded and will keep the headphones safe during transportation. One of the things that Razer stresses about the Megalodon headset is that there is no need to install drivers on the system where they are being used. They are recognized straight away as "Razer Megalodon" by Windows XP.

The USB sound card takes up about the same space a CD on your desktop.
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