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Razer Pro|Tones m100 Review

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This new addition to the Razer headphone line-up features a clean and stylish design in my opinion. The ear plug's design is quite simple: it's white with a metallic looking Razer logo on the back.

The earplugs are easy to change because they are only held in place by a little indent in the rim of the headphone itself. When it comes to durability the m100 are quite durable compared to other headphones using the same concept with interchangeable earplugs. The plastic used is thick and there are few joints making it a bit harder to break than ordinary in-ear headphones.

With the medium sized earplugs mounted, the headphones look just like the ones that Apple and Creative have been making for a while. The difference between them is the general build quality and audio performance.

The m100s are quite small compared to ordinary headphones. The m100s are a bit small than the Sennheiser MX500, and rounder.

One headphone can easily fit through the hole of a standard CD, this is mainly because they are so slim and straight compared to most headphones.

Every aspect of the m100 headphones system is well designed, the mini-jack connectors seems quite durable and small at the same time.

To protect your headphones, Razer has been so kind as to ship these headphones with a neoprene carrying bag. Inside the bag there are two small pockets for the interchangeable earplugs and the jet-adapter. The carrying bag does a good job at preventing the headphones from getting scratched or being damaged by other things you might have in your pocket or bag.

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