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Razer Pro|Tones m250

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Closer Examination

One of the things that you notice the second you get these headphones out of the package, is the design. Held in clean colors and with a real aluminum back plate. It's clear that Razer has put a lot of effort into the design and manufacturing process of the m250s. They look quite spectacular with the aluminum back plate and the sleek white details. Besides the aesthetics, the gray retention clip is well built as well. These clips combined with the low weight of the headphones themselves help to make the Pro|Tones m250 quite comfortable.

The Pro|Tones m250 are clip-on headphones, which means that they have a small retention clip that you fit around your ear. The clip itself is secured by a small joint with some sort of spring in it. This spring keeps some pressure on the ear at all times preventing the headphones from falling off.

Here I have clipped one of the headphones to a CD. As you can probably see the retention mechanism presses against the CD, making good contact with the surface of the disc. The mechanism works well after you have figured out how to mount the Pro|Tones m250 correctly. After a little fiddling around I got them to fit my ear real good. Because of the little bends on the clip the headphones don't collapse your ear so much that they become uncomfortable to wear.

The strong point of such a clipping mechanism is the fact, that it can accommodate almost every shape and size an ear might have. To mount the headphones all you have to do is open up the clip, fit it around your ear so that the audio driver is positioned right in the center of your ear and then gently press the clip so that it tightens a bit around your ear keeping it in place.

The Pro|Tones m250 are quite small and handy. They are almost as small in diameter as the clear inner circle of a CD.

As with the Pro|Tones m100, the m250 features a small yet durable mini-jack connector.

The small cable joint is nothing out of the ordinary. It seems quite durable and keeps the cables firmly together even when I was trying to pull them apart.
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