Revoltec Cold Cathode 0

Revoltec Cold Cathode Review


From the manufacturer Sharkoon:
  • CCFLs by Sharkoon CaseMod are best suited for the interior lighting of PC systems. With an inverter it is hooked up to an unused 4-pin plug of the power-supply and is ready for use immediately. Thanks to adhesive Velcro strips, the installation of the 30 cm long CCFL is very simple.
  • Available as
  • - Starter Kit with a CCFL, adhesive Velcro strips, dual-inverter
    - 2 in 1 Kit with 2 CCFLs of the same color, adhesive Velcro strips, dual-inverter
    - Upgrade Kit for completing the starter kit or for expanding already existing systems with just 1 CCFL, adhesive Velcro strips - Colors: blue, green, yellow, red, violet, UV, RGB, white


Box contents:
  • Cold-Cathode
  • Inverter that can support two cold cathodes.
  • PCI slot switch
  • Two sticky Velcro Tapes
  • Two zip ties with attachment parts


Value and Conclusion

Light output is really good - broad range of available colors
Ease of use7.0
Good packaging but short cabling
The inverter is almost inaudible, dual output on the inverter is a very nice feature.
Everything looks to be of good quality.
With a price of around 8 € this is a good investment if you want to light up your case.
The Bottom Line8.5