Rosewill Capstone Modular 750 W 0

Rosewill Capstone Modular 750 W

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The small packaging has a handle on its top, to help you move it around. The overall design used isn't so fancy but still looks good to the eye. Nearly half of the box's front side real estate is occupied by a quarter shot photo of the PSU. The fan grill center looks a bit like something is missing, a badge would have helped here. Further to the left we meet the series and the capacity descriptions and below them there are three badges for the Gold efficiency, the five year warranty and the modular design (actually semi-modular). On the rear side of the box we find a large table showing the cable configuration of all modular Capstone units and right next to it there are four smaller tables describing the power specifications of the same units.


Once we opened the box's top flap a large piece of packing foam greeted us. Under it the user's manual is hiding along with the PSU. The latter is protected also by bubble wrap. A cloth bag would look nicer, that's for sure, but apparently it would further increase the cost. Thankfully Rosewill provided a nylon pouch for the modular cables, a useful accessory since most likely you won't utilize all of them. The rest of the bundle includes an AC power cord, a set of fixing bolts and several zip ties.


The PSU features a double layer texture coating which grants it with a heavy matte finish which is fingerprint proof. On the front we find a honeycomb design exhaust grill along with the AC receptacle and an On/Off switch. On the sides there are no decals, something that looks strange and surely does not add to the unit's looks while on the rear side resides the small modular panel with the six sockets with all being covered by black silicone caps. The native cables are sleeved back into the housing and there is a grommet around the cable exit hole.
The fan grill utilizes a simple design and strangely enough there is no badge installed on its center, something that looks odd and makes the unit look kind of cheap. Finally the power specifications label is located on the bottom side of the PSU so it wont bother those who will install it in a windowed case. All in all the unit's appearance is nothing exceptional but the finish is quite good.
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