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Rosewill Nebula GX10 Review

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The Package

The box of the Rosewill Nebula GX10 sports the very same design as on the Nebula GX50 and GX30, which means a black, red, and white color scheme is used, and the front of the box depicts the headset and lists those key features Rosewill deemed to be the most important: durability and comfort, blue backlighting of the ear cups, and easy connectivity due the fact that you can connect the Nebula GX10 to computers and consoles alike. On the right side is a list of supported platforms (PC, PS4, Xbox One, and mobile devices) and a short inspirational description.

On the rear is a detailed list of specifications and a breakdown of various parts of the headset. Here, you'll find out that the ear cushions are filled with memory foam, the headband is padded and supposedly ultra-comfortable, the microphone can be flexed, and that the backlighting is vivid - although no picture can prepare you for how bright and punchy it actually looks.

Inside the box you get the headset itself, a user manual, and a 3.5-mm TRS-to-TRRS adapter, needed to connect the Nebula GX10 to a device that uses a single 4-pole port for both the headphones and the microphone.
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