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Rosewill Nebula GX30 Review

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The Package

The design of their boxes has improved a lot since I last spent time with Rosewill's gaming headsets. Now, they finally look like they could draw your attention while you're browsing store shelves. A black, red, and white color scheme is used, and the front of the box depicts the headset and lists its three key features, which Rosewill says to be durability and comfort, RGB LEDs, and a detachable microphone. On the right side is a list of supported platforms (PC/Mac, PS4, Xbox One, and mobile devices) and a short, inspirational description.

On the rear is a detailed list of specifications and a breakdown of the headset's various parts. Here, you'll find out that the ear cushions are filled with memory foam, that the headband is padded, and what the detachable microphone and in-line remote control look like.

These are the contents of the box. Aside from the headset, you get a user manual and 3.5-mm TRS-to-TRRS adapter you'll need to connect the Nebula GX30 to a device that uses a combined audio input and output.
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