Rosewill NEON K85 RGB Keyboard Review 3

Rosewill NEON K85 RGB Keyboard Review

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Packaging and Accessories

Rosewill was kind enough to send both variants of the NEON K85 RGB keyboard, so I have one with Kailh Brown switches and another with Kailh Blue switches. That aside, both are identical, and so, we will mostly focus on one of them for the review. The packaging is colorful, as perhaps befits an RGB-backlit keyboard, with a large printed illustration of the keyboard lit up in multiple colors and the company and product names on the left alongside salient marketing features. The switch type is also prominently displayed to ensure you know exactly what you get. On the back are more marketing features with yet more illustrations of the keyboard, and this time around, Rosewill draws your attention to the various features present onboard as well as via their software. Technical specifications are on the right side, and that's about it as far as the packaging goes, with the product name and company logo on the other sides. Two double flaps on the edge help keep the contents inside in place.

Opening the box, we see the keyboard in a protective and soft foam wrap, held in place between two pieces of thicker foam for some further protection on the bottom and sides. The keyboard's cable is non-detachable and situated above the keyboard inside the box. We are light on accessories here, with only a user manual (online copy here), although I would say it is one of the most detailed and useful manuals I have seen in that it not only explains functionality with onboard buttons but the software driver as well. It is well worth the read, and do at the very least have it by your side the first few times you use the keyboard.
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