Rosewill R2-RAID Enclosure & RC-218 Controller Review 0

Rosewill R2-RAID Enclosure & RC-218 Controller Review

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Packaging & Contents

The Rosewill R2-Raid enclosure comes in a black cardboard box with color images on the sides. The specifications and list of included parts are on the rear and sides, along with a bit of "broken" English.

To power the unit, Rosewill includes a power brick that utilizes a standard power cable. Also included are a USB 2.0 cable and an eSATA cable.

Of course, to set the unit on a desk, there needs to be some sort of holder or dampening mechanism to help reduce normal vibrations from disk access. Rosewill includes a matching black bracket that the unit can slip into. The manual and driver CD round out the rest of the kit.
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