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Rosewill RHTS-11002 Rosewood In-ears Review

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The Rosewill RHTS-11002 Rosewood in-ears surprised me by being more accurate than the MP4Nation Brainwavz M1.

The Rosewill in-ears slant down a bit on the tip front, making it harder to get them to sit exactly right in one's ears. The fact that the tips are made from thinner silicone than usual does not help things. If you swap the tips out for a set of double compound tips, like a pair from RedGiant or Sony, the in-ears fit properly easily, and they sound better to boot.

The bass is very rich and the tonality is warm, but not anything absurd. The Rosewill in-ears sound similar to the Sennheriser CX300s: the bass is big, powerful, and quite deep. The midrange of the Rosewill in-ears is more forward than what you find on the CX300s, which is a major plus. They sound slightly less bloated than the CX300s, giving them a more faithful midrange representation. The sound stage is also less congested, which is nice.

Listening fatigue is very low due to the in-ear's very warm sound signature, and I suspect that most people will adore them for it. They do sound hotter than their high-end Sennheisers and MP4Nation counterparts, but such a hot sound works well with the RHTS-11002, because they retain a neutral and quite detail-rich sound compared to other sub $30 in-ears we have come across. The bass is similar to that of the Brainwavz M2 in-ears, which are around $80. The RHTS-11002s could be perfect in-ears for you if you can live with a slightly less lively midrange and treble.

These in-ears seem like a no brainer for a short daily commute because of the quality cable and the very good price to performance ratio. The sound quality is more than enough to keep you happy. These in-ears are easily powered straight out of a portable player. The sound quality is definitely good enough for casual listening in an environment that is never really ideal, like that of a daily commute. The noise attenuation of the Rosewill in-ears is a bit less than that of very deeply inserted higher-end in-ears. It is, however, sufficient to keep ambient noise at a comfortable level, allowing you to enjoy music in a noisy place without having to crank the volume up to insane levels. With good tips, the noise attenuation is on level with that of the Brainwavs or Head-Direct in-ears.

As a package, the rosewood in-ears are very good for the price, and they are surprisingly well built.
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