Rosewill RHTS-11004 Supra-aural Headphones 0

Rosewill RHTS-11004 Supra-aural Headphones

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The Package

The box just contains the headphones and its cable. The specifications list is wrong. The headphones are listed as circum-aural (around-ear), but are actually supra-aural (on-ear). Of course, if you have absurdly small ears these could be considered circum-aural, but I highly doubt you will find European or American ears that can fit inside those cups.

The cable is of the same quality as that featured on the RHTS-11002s. It is fine for everyday use and has a good mix of bulk versus durability.

Removable cables are in vogue at the moment and the RHTS-11004 has one as well. The cable uses a standard mini-jack on both ends, which makes it very easy to replace or swap for a custom-made cable.

Closer Examination

The style of the Rosewill RHTS-11004s is a bit old fashioned, but it looks quite tasteful to these eyes. If you look closely you will notice that some of the metal looking parts are actually made of plastic, but these headphones look very nice from a normal viewing distance. The chromed steel parts are well made and the steel runs all the way through the headband, which should make it quite durable.

The headphone features standard dynamic drivers held at a neutral angle towards the ear. The cups only swivel around the axis of the headband, which limits its ability to follow the shape of your head a little bit. This small draw-back is not super critical because the pads will conform to the shape of your ears instead. The ear pads are quite hard compared to that of KRK or Sennheiser mid-range headphones. They will, of course, soften up over time, so the ear pads might be hard on purpose to improve their longevity.

The adjuster mechanism is very basic and the covers are made from plastic. It would look better if it was made of metal like the headband stringers.

Like the Skullcandy Aviator headphones, these take some design cues from the pilot headsets of the last century.

The headband is quite stylish with the Rosewill logo on top of the pleather. These small quality-related details give the RHTS-11004 some much needed flavor to set them apart from the vast majority of pubescent-looking, colorful headphones of today. The general construction seems alright and of better quality than what you usually find on $30 headphones.
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