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Rosewill RK-9000RE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

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The Rosewill RK-9000 series keyboards are available with all the current switches from Cherry, which means you can get it with the following MX key mechanisms: Red, Blue, Black, Brown. The red version of the switch is good for gaming due to the fact that it is a linear switch unlike the blue and brown version. The red key mechamisms are very good for gaming but perhaps less than ideal for speed typing due to their lack tactile feedback near the actuation point. For typing most people tend to prefer the blue or brown mechanisms, but some still feel that the black switches provide an advantage due to their very high actuation force and linear feedback.


The general typing performance of the Rosewill RK-9000 keyboard is very good. The Cherry MX Red mechanical switches works well and its typing performance is way better than anything you can get with a membrane based keyboard. The MX Red switches have linear feedback with no hump around the actuation point which means that it takes a while to learn where to stop pressing the keys, unlike with the Cherry MX Browns where you get a tactile bump near the actuation point. The Reds have a similar actuation force as the Browns which make them very pleasant to type on. The resistance you feel on the Red keys is somewhat similar to that of membrane keyboards which makes a transition to mechanical keyboards very easy.

As a business keyboard this model has a lot of potential since the design is very clean and you can get it with all the different Cherry MX keys and it is priced very reasonably. It is not pretty by any means, but it is not horrible looking either.


Despite being labeled as a gaming keyboard by Rosewill, it has no gaming type features other than the somewhat flashy red back plate. The keyboard is completely stripped of macro keys and does not have a driver that allows you to customize the button functionality of it. The Cherry MX Red key mechanisms are by all means a treat to any gamer who finds the MX Blacks too tiresome to use for an extended period of time, like myself. The indicator LEDs at the top right corner are pretty unobtrusive which is great. What is not so great is the fact that the keyboard has rubber feet on the back of the keyboard, but not on the stands which means it slides around somewhat when elevated. This is definitely not a good thing with a gaming keyboard. The issue is not huge and can easily be fixed, but it would have been a nice thing if it was better equipped to begin with. Of course with a price tag of $79.99 a lot can be forgiven considering that the other mechanical keyboards are priced north of $100 except for a few models.
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