Rosewill RK-9100 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 4

Rosewill RK-9100 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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Closer Examination

This keyboard looks, not surprisingly, a lot like the RK-9000 keyboard we reviewed a while back. It uses the same back plate and mounts, which is a good thing since the RK-9000 is a well-made keyboard. Added light features mean that a few buttons got some additional functionality. Rosewill still refuses to produce a driver for their keyboard, which means that all features are controlled on the keyboard—both a pro and a con. Many users will expect a serious gaming keyboard to come with a performing driver suite for advanced macros, for example. As you might have noticed, the lock-keys have green back lighting, which may not be to everybody's taste. The bright blue and green color scheme is more special than pretty.

Using the extra functions requires the activation of the Fn button, which prevents the accidental activation of anything.

The keyboard we got for review featured a standard US layout. The lettering on the keys is really clear, even in direct sunlight with the LED lights off. They can be dimmed down to a comfortable level for a pitch black room after nightfall.

The only logo on the keyboard is in the top-right corner; it is low-key.

Using the USB ports takes some fiddling around since you cannot see them easily. They are pretty quick to use after you figure out where they are.

Coming from a QPAD keyboard with two elevation levels on its stands to the Rosewill with only one makes you appreciate having an intermediary stop. Rosewill has, however, fixed their stands as they now feature rubber tips!

The layout around the arrow keys is totally standard, so all die-hard CS 1.6 gamers can feel right at home in front of it.
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