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Rosewill RK-9300 Keyboard Review

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Packaging and Accessories

Rosewill sent one of each of the two RK-9300 versions for the review, and the difference between the two is in the Cherry MX switch type used. The product packaging uses a cardboard box with a plastic wrap for aesthetics - as is the case with most other companies these days - and has the company and product name on the front, along with an illustration of the keyboard and some salient identifiers, such as the switch type of the product inside. On the back we see technical specs and marketing features being mentioned, and some of this carries over on the side as well. There is a seal along with two flaps to help keep the contents inside in place.

Upon opening the package, we see the keyboard immediately, wrapped in a plastic sleeve and with two shaped, cut foam pieces on either end protecting it. Underneath it is a product manual, which is the only accessory included here, and I highly encourage customers to check it out as it describes the secondary functions of the function keys as well as the backlighting controls.
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