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Rosewill RX358 3.5" USB 3.0 Enclosure Review

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RX358 Enclosure

Rosewill ships the RX358 in its signature black cardboard package with the red company logo on it. The front has an image of the device in both the black and silver variant, while the rear goes onto some detail about the specifications in multiple languages.

You will find the enclosure neatly sandwiched between cardboard spacers and packed in a foam back. Rosewill has chosen to ship the unit and its cover seperate, which reduces their required workload, as no one needs to close it up before shipping. It also makes it a bit quicker for you to get everything assembled, as you just need to install the drive and close it up.

RC-505 USB 3.0 PCIe Card

On top of the USB 3.0 enclosure, Rosewill sent us their PCIe x1 USB 3.0 controller card. It is called RC-505 and utilizes the widely used NEC chip. The box art is identical to that of the RX358 and features an image of the controller card in front with a few features listed on the rear.

Unlike the RX358, you will only find the RC-505 protected with an anti-static bag and nothing else. Even with this loose packaging, the device made it across the pond safe and sound.


RX358 Enclosure

With the hard drive enclosure you will receive a manual to get you started, the required screws and a blue USB 3.0 cable. The latter may be a bit short, but it seems that most manufacturers offer just a cable of roughly the same shortness at the moment. This may change when availablity spreads and prices for these leads drop.

A refreshingly small power supply rounds up the package. It is usable with anything between 100V and 240V and supplies the RX358 with 2 Amps of power. As a configured device can only be supplied with up to 900 mA over USB 3.0, such a power brick is still required for 3.5 inch devices.

RC-505 USB 3.0 PCIe Card

You will only get the necessities with the PCIe x1 USB 3.0 host controller. A simple manual with a driver CD containing software for all Rosewill products and a low profile bracket rounds up the extra contents.
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