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SDC Megtron LC-Display Review

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A Closer Look

The screen seemed a bit smaller than I expected. But it is still large enough for everyday use. The Megtron LCD has fierce competition, as there are numerous other USB powered screens out there. It will be interesting to see what features it brings to the (bench)table. The rear is made of the same material as the frame. It is secured by four screws.

As the display is powered by the USB data cable, you won't find any other connectors on the back. There is another opening with six pins. There is no documentation about the function of these anywhere. There are several openings to place the foot of the display into. This gives you the option if you want it landscape or upright.

The usual placement is in landscape mode, but for those who prefer it upright, simply stick the stand into the right holes and place it on the table.
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