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Saitek Eclipse II Keyboard

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Packaging & Contents

The very sturdy, full color box shows the keyboard with the red back-light. The image of the Eclipse II is rather large and should give the potential buyer a good, detailed idea of the device. The back features another picture of the keyboard and some, somewhat less exciting text in multiple languages.

While the outer box is quite sturdy, the keyboard is placed in an inner brown box. It fits firmly and the combination of two cardboard packages should make for trouble free shipping, even without an extra shipping carton.

The Saitek Eclipse II Gaming Keyboard is completely symmetrical, much like normal keyboards. There was no driver CD or fancy extras included with the gaming device - only a manual and a pamphlet with service addresses in case there is anything wrong with your Saitek device. It is good to see that that there are a lot of locations all over the world.
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