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Saitek GK200 Tactile Gaming Keyboard Review

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Packaging & Contents

The very sturdy, full color box shows the keyboard with the red back-light. Saitek decided to insert a window in the front to show what the special gaming keys look like. The back features a picture of the keyboard's media buttons and some, somewhat less exciting text in multiple languages.

The keyboard itself is of normal size. It could be mistaken for a normal media keyboard if it were not for the gray keys.

Saitek has included a set of normal WASD and cursor keys to replace the special ones already on the keyboard. A key remover is also included in the package to ease the replacement process. It is made of plastic with fairly thin prongs, which makes it somewhat fragile. There was no driver CD or fancy extras included with the gaming device - only a manual and a pamphlet with service addresses in case there is anything wrong with your Saitek device. It is good to see that that there are a lot of locations all over the world.
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