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Saitek GM3200 Laser Mouse Review

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A Closer Look

The Saitek GM3200 has a great paint job and should look awesome next to any painted and heavily modded case. The shape of the mouse can simply be described as fat. It is not as slender as other offerings by Microsoft or Logitech and does not seem to support the natural structure of a hand. The side of the mouse has two buttons for easy website navigation. The buttons and wheel on top have some great grip. Besides the usual two mouse buttons you will also find a 'MODE' and a 'DPI' button. The first switches between two modes while the latter increases or decreases the DPI setting of the mouse.

The cable is rather thick and long enough, measuring 2.5 meters in length. Saitek supplied a Velcro band to tie the cable together, which is reusable of course. This is a nice little touch. The mouse uses a number of weights so that the user can adjust it to what works best for him or her. This is not a new concept but Saitek divides the weights up in two sections, the front with two slots and the back of the mouse with five slots. While this does give the user some great adjust ability it also raises the size of the mouse and is most likely the main reason the GM3200 is rather large.

The weights are all of equal size. There are seven of these and Saitek does not ship any additional pieces in case you loose one. The covers used to secure these weights can also be used in two different ways. There is a large skid pad on one side, while the other side only has two small patches. Both the front and back covers feature these two different type of pads. This is by far the most versatile mouse we had the pleasure to test so far.

Once the mouse is powered by the USB connector the red light turns on. This fits the paint job quite nicely and is very bright. If you do not like the red fire theme, the GM3200 is also available in blue and features blue LEDs and a blue paint job.

There are two sets of LEDs to let the user know what settings are used. The first is a series of blue LEDs which light up according to the DPI setting used. This can be changed by pressing the DPI switch back and forth. This setting cannot be cycled through, meaning that once the end of the spectrum is reached you cannot cycle back with a single press, but need to scroll back through all the DPI settings.

The back of the mouse features a back-lit Saitek logo. It actually cycles through three colors. It fades out on one color and then fades in on the next. This looks quite nice and should be a great eye catcher for your neighbors at a LAN party.

When compared to the Sharkoon Rush and the Logitech MX Revolution, the big size becomes apparent. The GM3200 is rather large around the "waist". The bottom of the mouse features two small skid pads on either side, while the top and bottom pads are placed on the weight compartment covers.
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