Sansun Arctic 450W PSU 7

Sansun Arctic 450W PSU

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The color of the Arctic 450W is not beige, but almost paper-white. The openings on the sides will help airflow.

On the backside of the PSU you find the connectors for the modular power cables. Depending on your needs you can go with a common configuration like ATX power, SATA power, PCI-E power and ATX12V. A stripped down system could also use merely the ATX cable, which is permanently attached.
Last year at Cebit I asked PSU manufacturers "Why do you make the ATX power cable removable on a modular PSU? You will always need it to run the system, and without plug you could drive down cost." - I never got a useful answer, except "it looks cleaner". Oh great, so it looks cleaner when you take it out of the package, but you paid extra for having small voltage losses at the connector. Good that Sansun didn't do this.

As you would expect from a quality PSU, all cables are sleeved.

Most modern motherboards use a 24 pin ATX power connector. If you have an older motherboard which has a 20 pin one, you can clip off the extra four pins.
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