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Just as with the original Edge-HD, the VS8 variant is quite slim and features a surface that is soft to the touch. Even though it is thin, the Edge-HD was much slimmer and featured a more edgy design. While the VS8 still looks cool, "EDGE" does not hold as true as it used to. The newly designed base for the unit to stand on is much better than the original, giving plenty of support while, in my humble opinion, also looking much cooler.

The front holds an SD card slot and has a long LED strip traversing most of its right and left edge, creating a V-haped arrow that points downward close to the base. You will find a mini-DP and an HDMI output for video in the rear. Below these are four USB 2.0 ports, a gigabit network port, the power plug, a pair of analog audio ports, and the optical audio connectivity. Sapphire has also included an opening for a Kensington lock at the very bottom. Both sides of the Edge VS8 are identical and have the Sapphire logo in the same spot. An air vent that gives way to fresh air, which aids in cooling, has been added to the top's edge on both sides. If you look closely, you will see that Sapphire has built the power button into the side panel. Our sample came with a lot of ugly stickers on the side of the unit. I am not sure if retail units will have these, but Sapphire should really move them to the underside of the device.

Two small LEDs at the bottom of the front are for hard drive access and power, and you will also find two USB 3.0 connectors in the front, hidden behind an easily removable cap.
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