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Sapphire HD3870 Atomic Edition Review

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Packaging & Contents

Sapphire does not use an ordinary cardboard box for their Atomic cards. Each card is sold in this extremely sexy metal case that just screams "presentation".

When you open the package you are greeted by your card stored in a foam cutout like some sniper rifle. What made me chuckle is that the transparent plastic cover (1st image, red box) is missing the I in ATOMIC. I would also have prefered black Styrofoam over the pink stuff that Sapphire uses.

Below the card you find a load of accessories including an HDMI cable and a cold cathode.

You will receive:
  • Graphics card
  • Instruction Manual + Driver CD
  • Full version of 3DMark + PowerDVD + Half Life Black Box Edition
  • DVI Adapter + HDMI Adapter
  • TV out cables and adapters
  • PCI-E power cable
  • CrossFire bridge
  • 3m HDMI cable
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