Sapphire PURE Crossfire PC-A9RD480 10

Sapphire PURE Crossfire PC-A9RD480 Review

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  • Sapphire is selling the board at around $199, which is certainly not cheap, but still a good deal cheaper than the Crossfire board from DFI.
  • Crossfire support
  • Complete set of BIOS options for overclocking
  • Excellent overclocker
  • Good Performance
  • Good on-board Audio
  • All passively cooled
  • Expensive
  • OCs slightly less than non-Crossfire board
  • Not as widely available
  • Memory slots not staggered
  • Slim accessory package
Just like the non-Crossfire version, the PI-A9RD480 is a great overclocker board with loads of features. The set of options in the BIOS is exemplary. For example the voltages can be increased far enough, even to make the phase-change coolers happy.
Unlike the more expensive Crossfire motherboard from DFI, the board from Sapphire is certified by ATI for Crossfire, which has suddenly become very important with all the problems people are having with the DFI boards.
While the price is a tad high, it is still the cheapest enthusiast AMD64 board which supports Crossfire. If you decide you need Crossfire, you will have to pay for the higher performance.
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