Sapphire PURE Crossfire PC-A9RD480 10

Sapphire PURE Crossfire PC-A9RD480

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The package with its reflective color and window design will sure stand out on retailer shelves.

On the back of the box is a description of the motherboard and specifications.

When you open the front cover you can see the pretty white motherboard in the box.

Inside the box, under the motherboard you have manuals and accessories well arranged.


You will receive:
  • Motherboard
  • Users Manual, Sapphire Sticker
  • 1x IDE Cable, 1x Floppy Cable, 1x SATA Cable
  • Bracket for IEEE1394
  • IO Shield
  • Driver CD, Application CD
Not really a big accessory package, but everything the average user needs is there - maybe a SATA power adapter is missing. But most PSUs nowadays come with SATA connectors. The English manual is excellent and goes well into detail of the BIOS settings.
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