Sapphire PI-AM2RS690MHD AMD RS690 w/ HDMI 13

Sapphire PI-AM2RS690MHD AMD RS690 w/ HDMI Review

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The board comes in the typical alien style theme that Sapphire uses for all of their products. On the back you have all the specs listed in details while the front has a small window that gives you a hint of what to expect.

You can unfold a bigger window to see the board in all its glory. The white PCB looks really good in that package.


We received:
  • Motherboard
  • IDE Cable, Floppy Cable, 2x SATA cable, 2x SATA Power Adapter
  • RAID Drivers Floppy, Two Manuals, IO Shield
  • USB PCI slot bracket, Analog VGA slot bracket, SPDIF slot bracket
  • PCI-E card for DVI output
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