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Scythe Kama-Thermo Review

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Packaging & A Closer Look

The package of the Kama-Thermo is quite small. The outside package is completely clear, while the paper inlay has a lot of text as well as Asian characters. The front sports a little window so the temperature LCD can be seen. The back just has a lot of small writing, which is a bit hard to read.

There is not much inside the package: a power cable and the Kama Thermo itself. I placed it next to a CD, to show its size. It is much smaller than expected.

The back of the Kama-Thermo has a compartment for a cell battery. The included battery is an LR44. The LCD can be powered by the battery or the 12V Molex connector. The blue backlight will only turn on if it is powered by the Molex connector. There are clips on the side of the Kama-Thermo, so users can mod a cover of a drive bay and clip the LCD into the cut out.
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