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Seasonic G Series 550 W Review

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The new G-550 comes in a nice white package with a simple but charming graphic. In the top left corner, we find Seasonic's name/logo and the series description with the unit's capacity above that. The Gold efficiency badge takes the bottom right corner.

On one of the two sides is a photo of the unit while the other side has the specifications table. The top side doesn't include any noteworthy information.

On the rear side, Seasonic lists all the crucial features of the PSU in an intuitive way. The most important are its Gold efficiency, the modular cabling system, the DC-DC converters for the generation of the minor rails, the good quality caps (both electrolytic and polymer ones), and, of course, the provided five year warranty.


The PSU is well protected inside the package. Two thick pieces of packing foam surround it to make sure it reaches the buyer in top condition in spite of the transfer hardships it may endure.

The bundle includes the user's manual, a set of fixing bolts, some Velcro straps, enough zip ties, a case badge, and the necessary AC power cord. Seasonic also provides a storing pouch for the modular cables. The pouch is a very nice addition although there are only a few modular cables, all of which the user will most likely utilize.


The PSU features a nice, dark finish. At the front, the classic honeycomb-style vent is used. That useful on/off switch resides next to the AC receptacle.

We find a decal with the series description on one side and the specifications label on the other side.

On the rear, we meet the small modular panel and the cable exit-hole which, although it is pretty large for the number of native cables this unit is equipped with, features a grommet. The warranty sticker covers a screw that you must remove along with other screws in order to gain access to the internals.

The fan is equipped with a honeycomb-style grill. The lack of a badge on its center-piece doesn't look good. As you can see, the native cables, of which there are thankfully only two, are fully sleeved.
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