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Seasonic Platinum-1000 1000 W Review

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The packaging makes heavy use of the platinum color in order to emphasize on the unit's efficiency rating. Overall we found the whole concept very stylish and we think it also exudes an air of luxury. On the face of the box the series description along with an angled photo of the unit catch the observer's eye. Also in the top right corner resides the Platinum badge while in the opposite corner we find Seasonic's logo. As usual, on the rear of the box there are enough details about the PSU's highlights along with an interesting shot of the internals. Finally, you will find more info about the unit's technical and power specifications on one of the packaging's sides.


Seasonic packed really their new flagship PSU really well, with two thick pieces of packaging foam and on top of that a luxury cloth bag further protects it. The nylon pouch that holds all modular cables along with the middle black stripe also features two platinum ones. Seasonic wanted even the inside of the package to give hints about the PSU's efficiency, as it seems. Along with the PSU you will get a rich bundle which besides the afore mentioned cloth bag and the large nylon pouch includes three Velcro ties, several zip ties, a Seasonic badge, an AC power cord and a set of fixing bolts.


The unit is very well made and once you hold it in your hands you will immediately realize its high quality. The grayish semi matte finish is fairly finger-print proof and it seems resistant to scratches too. On the front we meet the classic honeycomb grill and a sturdy On/Off switch right next to the AC receptacle. On one of the two sides there is a nice decal with the platinum series logo while on the other side the power specifications label is installed. On the rear of the unit there is the fully modular panel and a switch for fan control through which you can set the fan to operate either in Hybrid or Standard mode.

Let’s elaborate more on this special fan control switch. If you select Hybrid operation then the unit will go fanless until 30% load, with 30-50% load it will be in silent mode and afterwards it will be in cooling mode with the fan's RPMs increasing according to load. Basically the only difference between Hybrid and Standard operation is that in the second mode the PSU works in silent mode from 0-30% load and doesn't go fanless. So if you usually operate your system with low utilization it might be preferable to use the Hybrid mode.
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