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Secretlab Titan Chair Review

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The package arrived with a nearly opened top side, wich shows that it had a rough time reaching us. All chair packaging is small enough to be carried by a single person, and this one is no exception to the rule. The package is 85.09 x 71.12 x 36.83 cm (33.5" x 28" x 14.5") large and weighs 34.92 kg (77 lb). Thankfully, all the contents were still inside the box and nothing was damaged.

All around the box, we find a ton of data pertaining to this chair; such as warning signs, the chair's structure, and the company's name all over the duct tape.

The company's official website is on all sides of the box, along with a number of rather enlightening labels.

Once we had opened the initial package, we discovered a smaller one with most of the chair's components inside.


All contents are covered in a plastic membrane and extra foam sheets.

The bundle includes the following:

• Chair's backrest
• Chair's base with the armrests (2x) pre-installed
• Chair's aluminum five-star base
• Tilt-/height-adjustment mechanism
• Grade class 4 gas lift
• Hydraulic system-/dust-cover shroud
• 60 mm PU-coated caster wheels (5x)
• Side covers (2x)
• Lever handles (2x)
• Head cushion
• M8 screws (4x)
• Phillips screws (2x)
• Allen key

A colorful user's manual provides assembly instructions for all Secretlab chairs. It mentions that you will also need a Phillips (cross) head screwdriver that isn't provided for assembly. We used the provided Allen key instead since it features a cross head.
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