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Sennheiser IE8 Earphones Review

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The Package

The IE8s ship in a very sturdy box which gives a good amount of protection.

Like with the rest of the IE-line of products you get a really neat bundle with the IE8s. The real highlights of the bundle worth mentioning besides the different tips are: ear hooks, a shirt clip, and a neat carrying case. As with the other IE-earphones you also get a well thought out carrying case that works well, but is too big in order to be handy when you are on the move.

The tips selection that is supplied with the IE8s is really good. You get three sets of single and double flange tips plus two sets of foam tips. You also get two sets of what are arguably the strangest looking tips on the market today. On the far right you can see that rather uncomfortable looking double edged contraptions. To me they are as uncomfortable in use as they look, but there will undoubtedly be someone out there who can benefit from their crazy design. The foam tips are rather hard, but are actually really comfortable to use. I got a good fit with the larger of the two.

Closer Examination

Compared to the other earphones in the IE-line the IE8s actually look the most anonymous. There is only a small Sennheiser logo on the outside to give it away. The shell is a bit smaller than that of the IE7s and the shape is better fitted for use in a normal ear.

The basic construction of the IE8s seems very solid. Because it is so simple, and with few parts joined together it feels incredibly sturdy. Even though it does not look like it, the cable is removable which allows you to replace it yourself without having to send in your earphones for repair.

The sound tube featured on the IE8s is that same as that on both the IE6s and IE7s. Even the exit angle is seemingly identical.

One of the key features of the IE8s is the adjustable bass. The earphones have a small adjuster screw that allows you to tweak the bass. Even at the minimum level these earphones have enough bass for most people, turn it up and you have a set of in-ears that can satisfy even the most enthusiastic basshead.

As far as cable quality goes the new IE-series Sennheiser earphones will not let you down. Not only is the cable jacket durable it also handles microphonic noise nicely. The IE8s even feature a user replaceable cable unlike the other IE-earphones so you can actually swap it out yourself if you damage the original.
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